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Bennett Brier
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Anthem Musicians

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Thanks to all the musicians who played on the Anthem CD!
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Van Wilks vocals, guitar
Jeri Arsenault vocals, guitar, synthesizer
Chris Maresh bass guitar
Art Kidd drums
Deb Schnack vocals
Steve Zirkel keyboards, bass
Jay Sims  vocals, guitar, mandolin
Conrad Deisler  guitar, mandolin
Richard Bowden fiddle, viola
Joe "King" Carrasco  vocals
Tiki Tuggle  organ
Christine Albert  vocals
Gene Elders violin
J.P. Allen harmonica
Jessica Brier  cello
Bennett Brier harmonica, songwriter

Produced by Jeri Arsenault of RiverSounds Studios Castell, Texas, 
and mastered by Chris Langer of Castle Productions, Austin, Texas.