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Lyrics - Anna Tennilee

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Anna Tennilee, do you remember me?
I loved you when we were all at peace
In our town we learned between the lines
Running 'round our paths that intertwined
I had to leave - Anna Tennillee, Anna Tennilee

Railroad tracks led me to the north
I made it back, but who kept the torch?
Getting high, I sense they say it's true
Getting by, if you do not choose
I had to see - Anna Tennillee, Anna Tennilee

Arriving late with the Italian sun
A way to change, but my travels were not done
Crossing the moon, a child guiding my hands
Through the dunes, blueprints of my plans
On the streets - Anna Tennillee, Anna Tennilee

Coming in, but only after dawn
I found the switch with every handle gone
Open halls, leading to the end
Mirrored walls, memories of my friends
And in the heat - Anna Tennillee, Anna Tennilee

Up the stairs and what should I now see?
A hollowed nest missing from a tree
Tiny eggs, all that's there inside
Tiny legs, incidental eyes
All I need - Anna Tennillee, Anna Tennilee

In her room I thought I heard the sound
Of a dream hidden like my crown
I held her there, haunted by her eyes
Skin so fair, her hopes reduced in size
Shaking free - Anna Tennillee, Anna Tennilee

Twenty-two and not yet at the door
Mountain view, teeming ocean floor
Hidden youth, somewhere with my name
Hidden truth, hopes that might change
Guard the sea - Anna Tennillee, Anna Tennilee

Anna Tennillee, one day you'll follow me
And you will glow above the subways and the trees
On that day, you will leave this town
On your way just to see this clown
I believe - Anna Tennillee, Anna Tennilee

© 2010 Bennett A. Brier
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Lyrics and Music - Bennett Brier

Jay Sims - Vocals, guitar
Stephen Doster - Lead guitar