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Lyrics - Harsh Unto My Eyes

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Scorpio and me we are just like twins
On a cold and windy morning
I stare into your eyes
Trying to remember yesterday
Hard to realize
That I must turn away
So that I may see beyond you now
So much I haven't seen to lose
Can't I lose you behind?

The streets are almost frozen
Smaller children play them now
Looking so heavenly good to me
Don't know, but, somehow
There's something more I should see
To uncover tomorrow's infant tracks
Snow covering the twilight
Harsh unto my eyes

The birds above once flew so easy
Their swaying nests tied to the ground
Cool winds against their wings
A delightful sound
To my face I can't bring
My eyes from the dizzying skies
Blowing against our innocent stands
Fallen to the ground

The branches, now, I feel them scratching
Moist and aging leaves
Air surrounding the chill
I'm ready to leave my only tree
If I only will
Find where to go with, but my limbs
Then to keep on going
Unafraid to fly away

Tonight, atop my single nest
I'm looking back at you
Pretty smiles cracking up my tears
Sun bursting through
Beyond my clouds only getting near
What is far beyond my view
So much I haven't seen, to lose
I can't lose you behind

© 2010 Bennett A. Brier
bennettsongs Music

Lyrics - Bennett Brier
Music - Kent Johnson

Jay Sims - Vocals, guitar
Stephen Doster - Lead guitar