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Lyrics - Right Time Forever

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Comes a time in every life
When you do not hesitate
Comes a place on every road
Where you know what step you're gonna take
Comes a look into every door
You know you're going through
It's the right time forever

To be right next to you
Comes a morn when the hourglass
Gets refilled with sand
Comes an eve when your lover laughs
And smiles and reaches for your hands
Comes a day when your beatin' heart
Feels the moment pouring through
It's the right time forever
To share all this with you

Comes a vision when the dream you see
Becomes the world you find
Comes a feeling when the love you free
Truly is divine
Comes a moment when there's nothing else
But these words 'I do'
It's the right time forever
To say that 'I love you'

© 2010 Bennett A. Brier
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Lyrics and Music - Bennett Brier

Jay Sims - Vocals, guitar
Stephen Doster - Lead guitar