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Lyrics - Worth Our While

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On an eerie night coming back
I thought of where you are
I could not really understand
If it were near or far

Like an angel of bible lore
You came from the sky
Now, I pray from my burning lamb
That you'll tell me why

In the city we are on the loose
Crazier than flame
And I take you inside my heart
And I'm not the same

I can't remember the early days
That ended when I met you
I was proud of my strength
Oh, this change is new

You are a gentle breeze
You tame the mountain side
Still, I don't know so well
How I feel inside

Look at the world around
Do we take a chance?
To ureally know about the moon and stars
Or just happenstance

Please don't look at me like it's a dream
And I promise to keep you from trial
But, all I can really hope to do
Is to make it worth our while
All I sincerely hope to do
Is make it worth our while

© 2010 Bennett A. Brier
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Lyrics and Music - Bennett Brier

Jay Sims - Vocals, guitar
Stephen Doster - Lead guitar