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Benny Metten, Cntl Alt Country Ezine, September 2010 (Belgium)

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Benny Metten, Ctrl.Alt.Country Ezine

CD-recensies september 2010

Laatste update: donderdag 23 september 2010! 

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SONGS BY BENNETT BRIER “Scorpio And Me” (Bennettsongs Music)


Bennett Brier seems to want only the best for his songs. Rather than singing them himself, he let others sing them, in his name. It might seem weird, but is works fine. That was also the case with his in 1999 debut “Anthem”, which contained, among others, Van Wilks, Christine Albert, Jay Sims, Gene Elders, Joe “King” Carrasco and Bennett’s daughter Jessica.  This is also the case with the “Scorpio and Me” songs.  Jay Sims produced this second Brier CD, which was recorded with three musicians.  Sims, in 2009 nominated as “Male Vocalist Of The Year” at the Texas Music Awards, sang and played some guitar. Stephen Doster, a respected songsmith himself, played lead guitar and provided backup vocals, and James Stevens did some vocal support. The result of their mutual efforts is an exceptionally enjoyable collection of mostly simple songs, which we would describe best as Americana and folk, although elements from genres like pop, rock and blues certainly have found their way to “Scorpio And Me”.  With the pleasant gritty voice of Sims this time as the biggest trump card, Brier hoped, we think, to make his words and music part of ‘something timeless’ about himself. And that mission is accomplished. The fourteen songs on “Scorpio And Me” could stay with us for a very long time. That’s why we carefully dare to recommend this disc to fans of artists like Townes Van Zandt, Butch Hancock, David Olney, Eric Taylor and Robert Earl Keen.