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Dani Heyvaert, Beale Street, January 2011 (Belgium) 3

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Dani Heyvaert, Beale Street, January 2011 (Belgium)

Bennett Brier – Scorpio And Me 

Songwriting is quite a profession.  Too often, we, the average listener, think that the same person both writes and sings a song. The story of Bennett Brier teaches us (again) that this is not always so.  Bennett, a seasoned songwriter with 30 years of songwriting experience and over 150 published songs, does not think he is the right person to record his songs.  So, he “loans” them to others to perform.   

On his previous album, titled ANTHEM, he had musicians like Christine Albert, Joe "King" Carrasco, Gene Elders and Jay Sims perform his songs. Now, 10 years later, there is a sequel and this time only Jay Sims is behind the microphone.  Jay also plays guitar and is accompanied by Stephen Doster and James Stevens.  

That Bennett waited so long to release an album of new songs shows that he is the type of songwriter to work hard to find the perfect situation.  The result is fourteen diamonds. Jay Sims, as we know, is a very good singer and his voice perfect for Brier’s numbers. From the opening track you know this is right – the songs are really good and Jay is a singer who can sing the phone book and make it sound great.  The second song “Anna Tennillee” is a magnum opus, a narrative, rather slow song like something from David Olney; in almost eight minutes the entire human condition is explained in detail.  What one man faces in life is described in just six hundred seconds.  

Our personal favorite is “Benediction”, a number that we’ve played at our house numerous times with speakers blaring.  We can go on and on since this album’s other songs are similarly good.  

So, praise for both Bennett Brier the writer and Jay Sims the singer.  Over an hour, these two make it quite clear that it is fine if you can write but don’t sing your songs. There are many other songwriters who should follow this example.  Oh, one more thing, many writers would auction off their fingers to write a song like “Joined Unto Thee”!