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Bennett Brier
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Heaven 1 (2011) popmagazine (The Netherlands) December 15, 2010

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Peter Wijnstekers, Heaven 1 (2011), The Netherlands, December 15, 2010

Reviewed by Peter Wijnstekers

“Scorpio And Me” is the Texan songwriter Bennett Brier’s second CD, he released his first CD “Anthem” in 1999. Remarkably, Brier is purely as a songwriter for and executive producer of this album.  He leaves the singing to Jay Sims, who also produced the album.  Stephen Doster provides instrumental interpretation on lead guitar.

It is rare that a songwriter does not sing his own songs but releases a CD under his own name. In the beautiful and warm sounding Sims and Doster, Brier has excellent stand-ins. These are songs of substance, quiet, yet compelling. The fourteen songs on “Scorpio and Me” are never less than good and nearly half of them are excellent.