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Jason Bennett review

Fall has come to the Colorado rockies and I have been busy doing two things: gazing at the colorful aspen landscapes and listening to the new album by Austin, Texas songwriter Bennett Brier, “Scorpio and Me.”  The album is a gem of a find. Brier turns over his songs to the extremely talented Jay Sims, creating a win-win performance of some finely-tuned songs. The catchy-as-hell opening title track, “Scorpio and Me”, opens the gates for some very cool twists and turns. “Wanna Try Just to Miss You” sounds like it could have been co-written by Bob Dylan and John Hiatt. You can’t escape the chorus on this one. The folksy “Right Time Forever” is a peaceful love song so simple and sweet it reminds me of some of those early Woody Guthrie love songs. Just a matter of time until two people get married to this song!

Bennett Brier definitely found a perfect match for his songs in Jay Sims. This is a very cool project indeed. Hell, as a performing songwriter myself, I may just turn over my next batch of songs to Jay! This album is a very cohesive and well-crafted work. I look forward to more from Mr. Brier.

Jason Bennett
Eleven Mile Records