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Bennett Brier
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Johan Schoenmakers, AltCountryForum, November 28, 2010 (Netherlands)

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Johan Schoenmakers - AltCountryForum 

Bennett Brier – Scorpio and Me


Bennett Brier is a poet and songwriter on the CD "Scorpio and Me".  Like on his debut CD "Anthem", from 1999, he received help from some very good musicians. Bennett does not sing or perform on his new album because he feels others can provide the sensitive touch.  Jay Sims and Stephen Doster, respectively, take the vocals and the guitar work on his behalf. Jay is known for his folk music and released two country CD's "So Help Me" (2000) and "Half Souls and Heals" (2008).  Jay has performed with other artists such as Fred Eaglesmith, Gurf Morlix and Dana Cooper. Guitarist Stephen Doster has played on records by such Dr. John, Charlie Sexton and Nanci Griffith.

Jay Sims - a man with a dark brown voice - sings the strong storytelling lyrics brilliantly. Stephen Doster is very economical with his sensitive and refined guitar playing, making the collection of fourteen songs into an intimate experience. 

"Scorpio and Me" is a hit. The intelligent, beautiful and heartbreaking songs are reduced to their bare essence, so the music moves towards the boundaries of folk. Fourteen songs give a lot of room to Jay's voice, Stephen's concise guitar playing, and Bennett Brier’s strong lyrics. "Scorpio and Me" is a collection of nothing but sensitive, raw and magical moments, from the exceptionally beautiful title track until the penetrating "Joined Unto Thee” merge into an intriguing, united whole.


(Johan Schoenmakers)