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John Conquest, 3rd Coast Music, October 2010 (US)

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John Conquest, 3rd Coast Music, October 2010, 3rd Coast Music Magazine




Scorpio And Me

(self 333.5) 




Reason for the somewhat unusual titling is that while Brier wrote the songs, he doesn’t actually sing them, instead handing off lead vocal duties to Jay Sims, who also produced the album, and is assisted by Stephen Doster, lead guitar/backup vocals and James Stevens, backup vocals. This is, of course, a very rare arrangement, off hand I can only think of one other similar case, Lady Liberty (2000), on which Leeann Atherton sang Mike Stevenson’s songs—songwriters, post-Dylan, generally being unfazed by the fact that they can’t sing worth a damn. Bennett, originally from Beaumont, goes quite a way back, drawing his inspiration from artists he saw at the legendary emmajoe’s, and he does himself no harm with me by citing Butch Hancock as an influence, even if he is #4 in an otherwise rather banal list (Dylan? Really?), and while it’s hard to see much Hancock in his writing, except the length, one song runs to almost eight minutes, he’s obviously very clear on one Butchian priority—putting the words across. This may explain why the initial positive response to his second album comes from Europe, where they do like to be able to understand the songs, especially when they’re pretty good songs. If he’s not as edgy as I generally prefer, Brier is a skilled craftsman, and Sims does him proud. JC