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Rob Forbes, Leicester Bangs (U.K.) - December 13, 2010

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Leicester Bangs - Music CD Reviews December 2010            12/13/10 4:54 PM

Bennett Brier – Scorpio And Me (Bennettsongs)

What is it with Texas and songwriters? There are various theories, none of which will fit into a 150- word review, so lets just put it down to the water, and leave it at that. Bennett Brier is a non- performing songwriter, which means he writes ‘em, and someone else sings ‘em. For this CD, Jay Sims provides the vocal, and does quite a job with them. His weathered, lived-in voice is a perfect fit for a collection of songs that are rootsy, without being properly country.

There’s no shortage of highlights. The album begins with its title track, a distant cousin to Kristofferson’s “Me And Bobby McGee” and just as likeable. “Baby, You’ll Only Do Good,” sounds likes ‘70s folk-rockers America, stripped down to the bone.

Fans of Butch Hancock, John Hiatt or any of the above, are advised to check out Scorpio And Me, sooner rather than later. 

Rob F.