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Scorpio and Me <== Title song from my upcoming new CD - "Scorpio and Me"; release date September 21, 2010!. 


October 24, 2010:

It’s been over a month since I released Scorpio and Me, featuring great Austin musicians Jay Sims and Stephen Doster, on September 21, 2010.  I want to update you with the latest news about my music. 

Scorpio and Me has received quite a bit of airplay, with particularly strong play in The Netherlands and in Belgium.  My CD has also received very positive reviews.  Euro Americana critic Benny Metten wrote a very nice review in the Crtl. Alt. Country e-zine.  The October, 2010, issue of 3rd Coast Music magazine gave me top billing and included an excellent review by Freeform American Roots writer and publisher John Conquest. Other stations are considering providing airplay and other magazines are considering reviewing my CD.  Two songs from Scorpio and Me are included in the recent eFolkMusic Sampler 6 that is distributed to new members!  And some stations have started playing music from my debut CD Anthem.

Folks from many countries have checked out Scorpio and Me.  There’s been interest by people from such countries as Uruguay, China, Israel, Vietnam, Sweden, Nigeria, Brazil, South Africa, Venezuela, Russia, Australia, Honduras, and Indonesia!  I have fans from every state in the USA except Wyoming!

Scorpio and Me is now available at Musicmania and at Waterloo Records in Austin, Texas.  Also you can find it via the Internet through vendors such as MyTexasMusic, iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, eMusic, Zune, Rhapsody, Napster, and MySpace. 

If you’ve bought a copy of Scorpio and Me, I want to thank you again for your support!  Also, I’d appreciate if you might let me know what are your favorite songs on Scorpio and Me.  This will help me clue in DJs and other radio programmers to my music.

If you’re still considering buying Scorpio and Me, of course, I do hope you will.  Please look at the Buy Scorpio and Me site for the many ways you can do so.

I am very proud of the art that we created on Scorpio and Me!  Thank you again for your interest and support!

Have a great one!

bennettsongs Music


September 21, 2010:

SCORPIO and ME is released!!!!  

I am so excited; my baby's out there for all the honest world to meet!  Please go to my Scorpio and Me page for all the details.  And if you want, you can get your own copy

I've been getting play time all over Europe, in the United States and Australia, and folks from places such as Morocco, Uruguay, Vietnam, and Montana are checking it out. I've already had some reviews and several magazines have requested copies for review.  So exciting!   

Making Scorpio and Me was such a total joy and I hope you like what I have to share.

Take care!



August 21, 2010:


I am so excited to announce that Scorpio and Me will be released on September 21, 2010!  See Scorpio and Me for a preview!  You can learn how Scorpio and Me was made, read the lyrics, meet the musicians, and listen to song clips.  I believe you’ll like what you’ll hear!

Scorpio and Me can be purchased in many ways:

  • buy CDs from Waterloo Records and Musicmania in Austin, Texas
  • order CDs from CDBaby and PayPal
  • download the complete CD or individual songs via iTunes and CDBaby and other digital sellers 
  • buy it directly from me

Scorpio and Me is available for direct purchase for the following prices:

  • $12 for local, hand delivery
  • $15 for domestic United States mail delivery
  • $18 for international mail delivery

There is a $2 discount for all pre-order purchases.  Pre-order purchases for mail delivery will be mailed on September 21.  We’ll together work out local deliveries.  If you want to purchase through a pre-order, let me know and we’ll work it out.

You can also check out my first CD – Anthem.  While Anthem is no longer available as a CD, you can download it from many digital delivery sites such as iTunes and CDBaby.  Please listen to the Anthem song clips; if you hear something you like, consider adding it to your collection.

Hats off and major thanks to Joe Maloukis, of Bat City Productions, who patiently worked with me to redesign my website.  Joe showed me how to make the simpler changes and he tackled the more complex changes himself.  He’s good!

I have some favors to ask.

1. If you wish to share all this with someone you think might like it, please do! 
2. I want radio stations to play and reviewers to hear my music.  If you can recommend stations or reviewers I should contact, I’d appreciate the heads-up.  
3. If you can – and wish to - post reviews to sites such as iTunes or CDBaby, and have something to say about Anthem, this will help me share my current and future music with potential fans.

Finally, I’d love to see comments in my Guestbook. 

Thank you again for all your support!



July 10, 2010:

Scorpio and Me!

That is the name of my upcoming CD.  We've finished most of the mastering and the art work and I hope to have copies of it within several weeks.  My goal is to release it by late August or early September and have it available in some record stores, via iTunes and other internet sites, and through email orders.  If you wish, please check out an almost-ready version of one song from the CD, called "Just Not The Same".

I am soooo excited!  I think you'll like it!


May 27, 2010:

2nd CD News!

Thank you for being a fan of my music!  I am honored to now have over 100 Facebook and over 650 Jango Internet Radio fans.  

These are good times for my music.  The most exciting news is that my plans for releasing my second CD are proceeding.  Currently, I intend to record in late June with Jay Sims producing and performing and Stephen Doster playing guitar.  We start rehearsing soon and are ready to cook!  DJs in the United States, Australia, and Europe are interested in adding my new music to their playlists!  Stay tuned.

Please consider becoming a sponsor of the production and distribution of my new CD. Take a look at the Kickstarter opportunity I've created in an effort to share my songs.

Also, I am considering a very limited re-release of my first CD, ANTHEM.  Would you be interested in further news about this?

Of course, always feel free to buy my music from ANTHEM and purchase the bennettsongs iPhone app!

And please, do share any of this new information with anyone you think might be interested in my songs.

Thank you and take care!


bennettsongs Music


April 18, 2010:

I am doing my 2nd CD!

Great news!  I finally am proceeding with pre-production work on my second CD!  Just this week, my friend, the sensational singer/songwriter Jay Sims (check out his great music at top!) and I met and planned how we will move forward on our project.  Jay beautifully sang some songs on my debut CD ANTHEM and I've long dreamed of working with him to complete my next one.  

This new CD will be somewhat different from ANTHEM.  It will be all acoustic with Jay singing lead on every song, simply accompanied by guitars - clean and direct.  Also, I likely will sell this music solely through digital sites - such as iTunes, CDBaby, MySpace, Facebook, Rhapsody, and similar outlets. Perhaps ultimately I might produce some physical CDs and sell these at Austin's iconic Waterloo Records, where I sold ANTHEM, and also at the great, independent music-lover's record store of, by, and for the people - Musicmania

Also, I employing Kickstarter, which describes itself as a "new way to fund creative ideas and ambitious endeavors", to attract sponsors to help me fund this CD project.  Sponsors can help me hire the musicians, reserve the recording studio and engineers, and promote my new music. I'd be honored if you considered sponsoring me.  If you wish, please go to my Kickstarter project site to learn more about sponsorship opportunities and rewards.


Continue watching this page for further exciting news as this dream comes to life! 


January 18, 2010:

Do My 2nd CD With Me! 

I am seeking someone to record my 2nd CD with me. I am a songwriter and not a performing artist. I want to record it live at a local venue with one to three musicians who would like to perform my songs. 

My goal is to produce these songs and release them as a CD for digital sales through iTunes and other sites. There'd be no physical CD sales - at least initially. I'd rent the venue and hire the recording engineer with equipment. An admission would be charged and all proceeds would be paid to the recording musicians. This concept is evolving every time I think about it so I am open to other possibilities that are mutually good for everyone involved. 

What I want in musicians: 

1. You like my songs - released and unreleased 

2. You like Bob Dylan - past and current 

3. You're flexible and patient 

4. You like this concept of collaboration 

5. You will help me finish the music on a few songs i'd like to be played at the show 

6. I like how you do my songs 

I am looking for at least one vocalist and several other musicians proficient with acoustic instruments such as guitar, violin/fiddle, bass, or mandolin. Harmonica would be nice. Surprise me! 

If you're interested, please email me @ Let me know why this interests you, what music you like and have done, how you can contribute to this project, and any ideas about it that come to mind. Feel free to send me an MP3 recording of you performing any type of song. I'll respond to everyone. If I believe we can work together, I will invite you for a visit to talk it out and see if we can be a team. Certainly feel free to share this with anyone you feel might be interested! 

I hope you agree this would be an exciting musical project. 

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Thank you! 


October 1, 2009:

Welcome to my redesigned and upgraded bennettsongs Music website!  I hope you'll find it interesting and easy to use. 

Along with the general redesign, please take note of some new features.  

I intend to continuously showcase a Great Song I Like! for your listening pleasure.  Please check out the current guest artist's performance; you might like it, too! 

Additionally, I want to introduce you to my bennettsongs Music site on Facebook.  If you are on Facebook yourself, you can visit it and, if you're so inclined, join my Fan group.   I also have enhanced My Guestbook so that it keeps out the bots and spamming riffraff that plagued it before this upgrade.  Drop me a line!

In my last post some time back, I mentioned my intent to put out my next CD of originals.  Alas, since then, there's been a lot of life, and life only things going on, and thus this CD has been delayed.  I hope to put out new music soon.  However, it will be offered the modern way - as a digital download CD only.   Alas, I still would appreciate sponsorships in pursuit of this.  If you're interested, please check out My Next CD link for further information and where you can listen to some practice recordings of songs being considered for inclusion on it.

Finally, I now offer an Apple iPhone/iPod Touch app for my music.  I am trying to update the app icon to my bennettsongs logo; the icon will automatically change if this occurs. 

Anyways, I appreciate you visiting my site and encourage you to look around.

Thank you!


February 12 2007:

I intend for 2007 to be an exciting year for my music. My goal is to release my second CD of original songs. I've selected songs that I plan to record and I've worked with other musicians to develop how I wish to record them. I believe you'll like it!

In the meantime, please check out my enhanced website with all its bells and whistles. In particular, I invite you to take a look at my:

  1. "Latest News" page (this page), where I intend to keep you informed of important developments.
  2. "Anthem CD" page, where you can listen to or read the lyrics of songs on this CD or you can purchase the entire CD.
  3. "Downloads" page, which points you to various sources from which you can download my songs including iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, Y! Music, and RollingStone.
  4. "My Next CD" page, which allows you to listen to rough versions of some of the songs I intend to record.
  5. "Do My Songs" page, which encourages fellow musicians who like my songs to record or perform them.
  6. "Links" page, which displays recommended links to various music-related pages I've established and additional important music and other sites.
  7. "bennettsongs Radio" page, where you can listen to music I probably like.

In addition, I've joined the MySpace crowd with the creation of

On my ezFolk, MySpace, SongRamp, and CDBaby sites, fans can post reviews of my music. In the hope of helping me generate some buzz for my songs, I ask you to consider writing your own review of what you hear.

Finally, I intend to update about my music on my sites and via a mailing list. Please let me know if I can inform you with bennettsongs news via email.

Thank you!


June 21 2006: 

Hey, my website is updated! Check it out! A few more modest changes are planned to occur within the next few months. A major one will be to allow people to buy downloads of my songs from one or more non-iTunes sources.

Prep work for my second CD is proceeding. I hope to record some basic voice and geetar tracks in September. Fun! Fun! Fun! 

Oh yeah, at the risk of seeming/being somewhat manipulative, I'd truly appreciate for readers of this news - dear fans of mine! LOL - to access my CDBaby website and add comments/reviews regarding my ANTHEM CD. I don't believe you have to be a CDBaby member to do so. If you don't mind thinking about doing this, go to the "My CD Baby Home Page" link in the LINKS page of this website and make me look good! Now, one might also be able to do similar in another site "My SongRamp Home Page" but you might need to be a SongRamp member. Thanx!

June 9 2006: 

Big news! You can now buy songs from ANTHEM via iTunes and a lot of other sources! Through my membership in CDBaby (, my ANTHEM songs have been sent to many downloading outlets - MusicNet, MusicIsHere, GroupieTunes, Destra, MOD Systems, WrapFactory, Choice Records, Inprodicon, MusicNow, Verizon Wireless, Daiki (Music Online Corp), MP3tunes, Emusic, Chondo, MSN Music, Rhapsody, YooPeDoo, PayPlay, BuyMusic, AudioLunchbox, Napster, Bitmunk, DigitalKiosk, GreatIndieMusic, iSound, Interia, Liquid Digital Media, MP3-Extension, Weed, Intent Media Works, Sony Connect, TastyAudio (1776), PeerImpact, and MPGreek. Please feel free to buy download of my songs! Thanx!

February 6 2006: 

This is first news update on my bennettsongs website. Once I know what I am doing, I’ll post more updates.