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Bennett Songs - Sponsor My Next CD

Are you a fan of my music? Well, if you got this far, I am hoping you are! Do you want to help me put out a new album of original songs? 

As most of you know, I am an independent artist, not signed to any record label. What exactly does that mean? Well…first of all, it means the financial backing provided to label artists is not an option. Imagine what we are talking about when it comes to recording. The studio alone can range anywhere from $35-100 an hour. Paying for the musicians appearing can run anywhere from $50-200 a song! This doesn’t include the cost of producers & engineers which, if they are good, is not cheap...Other expense:  graphics, inserts, mastering & duplicating, promotion, and, of course, the cost to create and deliver copies of this album to buyers, radio stations, record shops, critics and others. 

One way I am seeking support is through Kickstarter, which describes itself as a "new way to fund creative ideas and ambitious endeavors", to attract sponsors to help me fund this CD project.  Sponsors can help me hire the musicians, reserve the recording studio and engineers, and promote my new music. I'd be honored if you considered sponsoring me.  If you wish, please go to my Kickstarter project site to learn more about sponsorship opportunities and rewards.

Here's some scratch recordings of my songs by various artists that possibly will be on my next CD.

Scorpio & Me MP3 Sample
Anna Tennille MP3 Sample
Wanna Try Just to Miss You MP3 Sample
Benediction MP3 Sample
Right Time Forever MP3 Sample
Go In Love MP3 Sample
You'll Only Do Good MP3 Sample
Hello, My Angel MP3 Sample

Please consider helping me in my quest to bring you my music. You will have my eternal appreciation!  
If you just can’t help out this time but like my music and want me to know, please feel free to drop me a line, I really want to hear from you.

There are other ways you can sponsor me: 

Make a Sponsorship immediately via an online secure transaction via PayPal 
(credit card/bank account) 


Or contact me at

Thanx! Bennett