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I am a non-performing songwriter who writes great songs. I am looking for a band and/or performers who want to add some great songs to their performing repertoires and possibly to record.

I'd love for people to hear my songs through your performances or recordings of them. Together, we can do something exciting and tangible, including such as gigs or signings, publishing, or recording deals. I have songs (far more than what was included on ANTHEM) and you got the chops!

Please listen to song clips from my self-produced, debut CD, ANTHEM. You can also now listen to song clips from my newest CD release, SCORPIO AND ME.  My new CD is slated for release by Fall 2010. Check it all out!

If you like these songs and are interested in chatting further about performing or recording them, yes, please do contact me! I am open to however you might wish to do my songs, mixing your art with their essence. 

Quite a few songs from ANTHEM received radio play and positive reviews in the US and in Europe. I am a member of BMI, have been recognized by the Southern Songwriters Guild and by Songwriter's Monthly magazine.

If you wish to pursue this further with me, please email me at and we'll go from there! Ideally, I'd like to get a tape of your singing so I can hear what your music is about.

Thank you!