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Bennett Brier
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Mirjam Adriaans,, January 18, 2011 (The Netherlands)

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Mirjam Adriaans,, January 18, 2011 (The Netherlands)

Bennett Brier – Scorpio And Me 

Bennett Brier has been a musician for over 30 years, has written over 150 songs, and did not release his debut CD, titled ANTHEM, until 1999.  In late 2010, he has released his next CD, titled SCORPIO AND ME.  Bennett wrote the songs on his new CD but leaves the performance to others.  Jay Sims has a voice that at times is reminiscent of David Olney.  Mr. Sims also plays guitar, supported by Stephen Doster’s strong lead guitar.

Human emotions are central in these songs – love, relationships, and, of course, disappointment.  The songs are presented within basic arrangements, sometimes re-used.  There’s nothing new in the music but the arrangements make for very enjoyable listening.  I prefer the slightly rougher vocals, such as on songs like Anna Tennilee, Benediction, Worth Our While, and Just Not The Same.  These are the most intense songs on the CD and more deeply reach me.  Jay Sims’ production is a natural fit for the sober folk style of this music.

Mirjam Adriaans